Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Day is nearly upon us!  How ready are you?  Me?  Almost there, I just have to buy the vegetables for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  Oh yes, and I have to finish wrapping the presents and writing those last few Christmas cards ....  Will you be spending Christmas with family and friends, or will it just be a quiet celebration?  Perhaps the holidays are inspiring you to be creative, or perhaps you simply need some special time to yourself.  So, just in case you do find that little bit of time, I have included this little Christmas chart for your to stitch.  It won't take long and you can hang it on the tree in time for Christmas Day.  

Christmas Sparkle 2014

You can use any variegated thread, or threads of your choice.
Use 2 strands of thread throughout.
Stitch the Christmas Tree using a Smyrna Cross
Border 1 is stitched in a crossed upright cross stitch
Border 2 is a combination of cross stitches and beads.
Backstitch the outer border in 2 strands of thread over 2 threads.
Then fold corners A and B to the back and slip stitch together.  Do the same for D.  Bring E into the centre and slip stitch together, leaving a small opening in the top.  Fill with wadding, insert a twisted cord or piece of ribbon and slipstitch closed.
Hang on your tree!!!

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