Saturday, 22 October 2011

Silk Ribbon Embroidery

I am busy designing three ribbon embroidery pieces.  The yellow one is a lid for a small pompadour which will hold a pair of small scissors, a thimble and some needles; the pink one is going to be a small pouch, either for jewellery, or as a gift for a bride and then the heart shaped one is a "just because" - just because I felt like updating a piece I had designed when I first started silk ribbon embroidery nearly 18 years ago.

My Sewing Pompadour

And this is another project I am working on - and teaching as I go along.  It is one of Di van Niekerk's designs called "Summer Garland".  It is full of ribbon work, stumpwork and beading and is just glorious to stitch.

I will endeavour to keep you posted on my progress.

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